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Trish Clowes


audio CD

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also feat.
Huw White, Chris Montague, Calum Gourlay, James Maddren, Heidi Parsons, Gwilym Simcock, Kathleen Willison, Nick Smart, Jules Buckley
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About the album

Tangent is an ambitious new album from a stunning young saxophonist/composer Trish Clowes whose musical influences come from many sources. The opportunity write for a full orchestra on a debut album is indeed an unusual one, but this work shows the breadth and scope of Trish’s musical vision. Produced by one of the UK’s leading jazz talents pianist and composer Gwilym Simcock, himself no stranger to cross-genre work, and with an orchestra conducted by the brilliant Jules Buckley, leader of the hugely successful Heritage Orchestra the album is for Trish ” a dream come true”

Works on the album are a mix of compositions for the core sextet featuring Trish Clowes Saxophone, Huw White Piano, Chris Montague Guitar, Calum Gourlay Double Bass, James Maddren Drums, Heidi Parsons Cello. Some of the pieces are augmented with guest musicians including pianist Gwilym Simcock, there is a duo with trumpeter Nick Smart and two pieces with full orchestra one of which features the stunning vocals of Kathleen Willison.

Trish Clowes says:”Having such a wealth of wonderful instrumentalists for the larger orchestrations on this album, allows me to take the listener on a journey from the opening phrase to the last track.”.


Dave Gelly, The Observer

With the rising generation of British, college-educated jazz musicians, it's often hard to separate the instrumentalist from the composer. Take 26-year-old Trish Clowes. She plays wonderful tenor saxophone with a lightness of tone reminiscent of the young Stan Getz and composes luminous music that inhabits that intriguing world at the ill-defined edges of jazz and contemporary classical music. The nine pieces on her debut album range from a improvised duet with trumpeter Nick Smart to two compositions for 35-piece orchestra. Most of the names listed are new to me, which is exciting in itself.


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