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Basho Records

A British home to quality recordings

Bringing you contemporary Jazz by leading artists

  • Seesaw
    Christian Brewer Quintet
  • Liam Noble - A Room Somewhere
    A Room Somewhere
    Liam Noble
  • The Committee
    The Committee
    The Committee DVD
  • Internationally Recognised Aliens
    Internationally Recognised Aliens
    The Impossible Gentlemen
  • Trish Clowes "Pocket Compass"
    Pocket Compass
    Trish Clowes
  • Kit Downes 'Light From Old Stars'
    Light From Old Stars
    Kit Downes
  • Julian Argüelles 'Let It Be Told'
    Let It Be Told
    Julian Argüelles
  • Hourglass
    Johannes Berauer's Hourglass
    Johannes Berauer's Hourglass
  • Christoph Stiefel Big Ship
    Big Ship
    Christoph Stiefel
  • Impossible Gentlemen - Let's Get Deluxe
    Let's Get Deluxe
    The Impossible Gentlemen
  • Trish Clowes "My Iris"
    My Iris
    Trish Clowes
  • Birdsong/Can Yr Adar
    Birdsong / Can Yr Adar
    Gwilym Simcock